Web Application Programming in PicoLisp: Some more GUI elements

Subclasses of +gui

The +Img class and the <img> function

(<img> "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/PicoLisp_Logo.svg/1200px-PicoLisp_Logo.svg.png" "PicoLisp" NIL 200 200)
(<img> "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/PicoLisp_Logo.svg/1200px-PicoLisp_Logo.svg.png" "PicoLisp" "http://picolisp.com" 200 200)
(gui '(+Style +Init +Img) "mb-3" "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/PicoLisp_Logo.svg/1200px-PicoLisp_Logo.svg.png" "PicoLisp" 100 100 )

The +Radio class

(<label> "mr-2" "Radio A") 
(gui '(+Var +Radio) '*DemoRadio NIL "A")
(<label> "mr-2" "Radio B")
(gui '(+Radio) -1 "B")
(<label> "mr-2" "Radio C")
(gui '(+Radio) -2 "C")

The +RgbPicker class

(<label> "mr-2" "Choose a color: ") 
(gui '(+Var +RgbPicker) '*Color)
(gui '(+Button) "Submit")
(<p> "mb-5" (prinl "You choose: " *Color))

The +Checkbox class

(gui '(+Checkbox) "I don't like Mondays")

The +Button subclasses

  • +Tiny (small size)
  • +JS
  • +Able
  • +Tip (display tooltip)
(gui '(+BubbleButton)) (<label> "mr-2" "Shift-Row-Up Button") (<br>)
(gui '(+DelRowButton)) (<label> "mr-2" "Delete-Row Button") (<br>)
(gui '(+InsRowButton)) (<label> "mr-2" "Insert-Row Button") (<br>)
(gui '(+UndoButton)) (<label> "mr-2" "Undo Button") (<br>)
(gui '(+ShowButton)) (<label> "mr-2" "Show Button") (<br>)

The +Textfield subclasses

(gui '(+Style +UpField) "mx-3 mb-2" 20 "Upload Field: ") (<br>)
(gui '(+Style +PwField) "mx-3 mb-2" 20 "Password Field: ") (<br>)



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Mia Temma

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